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12spacious gardens for year-round beauty

Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens are Japan’s largest herb gardens with around 75,000 herbs and flowers of about
200 kinds blooming throughout the year.
There are 12 extensive garden areas where visitors are welcomed by seasonal herbs and flowers arranged
according to different themes. The picturesque paths follow the flowerbeds resting on the side of the hill,
overflowing with the color and fragrance of that particular season.

Guide Map


Welcome Garden
(View Plaza)

It is surrounded by a castle gate and a rest house
designed in the motif of Wartburg Castle, an ancient German castle.
Herbs and flowers are in bloom throughout the four seasons.

Rose Symphony Garden

It has approximately 60 types of fragrant roses.
Featuring mainly English roses, the garden beckons visitors
to enjoy roses of assorted colors and shapes that change according to each variety.

Fragrant Garden

Set against the backdrop of a serene mountain range,
this idyllic garden is reminiscent of the European countryside.
When strolling along the stone path, visitors will be enveloped by a gentle mint aroma.

Herb Museum

The Herb Museum is like a living encyclopedia with around 100 varieties of herbs.
This enables visitors to learn about the attributes of herbs,
how they are used and living with herbs.
There is a guided tour of the garden every day.

Kitchen Garden “Potager”

This kitchen garden features the mixed planting of vegetables and herbs.
Its theme is a “stylish and practical kitchen garden”
that you can also enjoy at your own home.


The Glasshouse provides visitors with the pleasure of planting,
observing and smelling the scents of mainly tropical plants such as spices and fruits.
Visitors will also be delighted by the sculpture entitled “Statue of Mother and Child”
presented by the Italian city of Terni, as well as a colorful wall mural flower bed.

Lavender Garden

Ever enticing with its refreshing fragrance and lovely flowers,
lavender is known as the “Queen of Herbs.”
A lavender-picking event is held every June.

Four Seasons Garden

This garden is specially designed with pretty herbs and flowers arranged according to season.
Visitors can get a sense of each season by the roses and other flowers
in full bloom covering the area.

Waterfall Patio

This waterside zone is based on the image of Nunobiki Falls.
The tiered flower bed continues on to the garden
below as an expression of the flow of water from the waterfall.
The waterside is inhabited by a variety of living things and egg-laying
by the forest green tree frog, a precious species, can be observed during the rainy season.

Oriental Garden

The Oriental Garden cultivates useful plants
(plants for use in foods, medicine and craftworks) indigenous to Japan and Asia.
The garden also provides observation and learning
that includes the methods of using each plant.

Lily Garden

This garden offers visitors the chance
to enjoy the fragrance of lilies in summer.

Kaze no Oka Flower Garden

Kaze no Oka Flower Garden features
colorful seasonal flowers and herbs spread across the hill.
The garden is situated in a perfect location that offers views of the Kobe landscape.