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Main Dining 「The Herb Dining」

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Each plate is created with beautiful colors personifying the Herb Garden and uses herbs and flowers taken directly form the gardens themselves.
The herb cooking is sure to bring a smile, with special care taken to ensure satisfaction, from the color and aromas to the ingredients and flavors.

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At The Herb Dining mountaintop restaurant
where you can experience a world of color, aroma and flavor
you can choose the dish you want from the main courses of pasta, meat and fish.
8 kinds of selected antipasto beautifully arranged on tiered tray
will be served directly to your table.
The colorful cuisine embodies the Herb Gardens
and will make your time super blissful.

Garden Plate Collection

Choice of
a Main Dish
(pasta, meat or fish)


(8 varieties)



Adult 3,190yen

Youth 1,210yen

  • *For elementary school students, please choose from the children’s menu.
  • *Children’s menu does not include appetizers.
  • *Children’s menu includes ice cream
  • *Persons under 6 years old can also enter the store.
  • Appetizer Stand

  • Dessert